I Need a Favor From You...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
I need you to visit a blog for me...

The unthinkable has happened.  A young wife has lost her husband, and their three children have lost their father.  This young wife and mother is a blogger.  She now is going to be supporting herself and her children with her blog. 

A blog can support a family, but not without help from all of us.  That is where the favor comes in. I need you to go and visit her blog, print her recipes, share with others.  All of this will help increase the income from her blog.  So as soon as you get through reading this, and trust me, today it is going to be short, click on the link at the top or below.

Also, prayers would be appreciated.  I know I will keep Crystal and her children in my prayers as they try adjust to their new future. 

MrsHappyHomemaker lost her husband tragically and unexpectedly. Here is a statement from her.

A Statement from Crystal


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