Zucchini Pickles and Other Things

Thursday, August 6, 2015
I know that on Thursdays I usually post a Throw-Back-Thursday recipe, but things have been kind of crazy this week.  Instead I thought I would post a little update as well as show you what I did with two different leftovers I  had.

First, for the update or as my title suggests the other things...

I have been trying very hard to post regularly, however with posting to both my blog and my YouTube channel, it has not been easy to be consistent.  I have come up with a schedule that I think will work.  You can expect a blog post from me every Tuesday and Thursday.  As for YouTube videos, look for those on Monday and Friday.  Hopefully this new schedule will help with getting more content to you.

Also thank you to all those that have requested certain content.  First it lets me know that you are reading/watching and second it lets me know what you want.  So next week expect a back-to-school craft post which the kids loved doing, and of course my regular Throw-Back-Thursday recipe post, which is one of my favorite recipes!  It is super easy, and I can't wait to share it with you!

So now for my leftovers.   I was cooking some zucchini the other night, and my little girl wanted to help.  I couldn't say no, I think it is so important to let kids help in the kitchen.  But by the time we were done prepping the zucchini I had more than what I wanted to cook.  Then I remembered that I had some left over brine from my Bread & Butter Pickles that I had recently made.  I have never made zucchini pickles, but I thought hey, why not?

Leftover brine...
So I got my brine out of the fridge and decided to put the sliced zucchini in.  If you remember from my Bread & Butter Pickles post, you don't have to can them, you can put them in the fridge and eat as is.  Of course you want to let them sit for about a week.

Ready to go in the fridge
So after sitting for a week, I finally tried them, and they are really good!  Now I just need to make some brown beans and cornbread to go with them.

Mmmmmm, iron skillet cornbread
Don't worry, the recipe for this homemade cornbread can be found here! I hope you try these pickles out and I am so glad I didn't throw that brine out!  I knew I could use it for something!

Let me know below what kind of vegetables you like to pickle. 


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