Building Shutters!

Friday, December 18, 2015
Our house, not only has new siding (check out the video here), but now new shutters!  The place looks so much better and we are so excited with how things are working out.  The weather has been cooperating and we have actually had time to be able to work on our place.

The next stop is inside to update some things in the house during the cold days of winter.  I know we will share all of those projects with you, but first I wanted to share our video on how Steve built the shutters for us.  (I love that the thumbnail is of our sweet little Abby!)

Here are some pictures of the finished project.

Checking the Shutters
Seeing what it will look like.
We of course had to see what it would look like before actually attaching them to the house.  I think it looks pretty good.

Christmas Lights
All done!
Here is a picture with the shutters done.  I love how it makes the place look!  A far cry from our old siding and shutters!

Close-up of Shutter
This is my favorite picture.  A close up of the shutters, with the Christmas tree in the background.  We are so happy with how it turned out!

So check out our video above and see how we made these shutters.  And let me know in the comments below what you think.


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