Sickness Has Hit!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Sickness has officially hit our household.  We have experienced a stomach bug and all the lovely symptoms that brings with it.  And we have experienced and are experiencing colds.  I have made our cough and cold tea (recipe to come soon) and have been drinking that.

homemade cold and cough tea
Homemade cold and cough tea

I have also gotten out the homemade vapo rub that I made last year.  That recipe will come soon...I hope.  I say I hope because I didn't follow a recipe, so I hope I can remember what I used!

homemade vapo rub
Homemade vapo rub

I love being able to use homemade recipes whenever sickness hits.  But don't get me wrong.  I have no problem with going to the doctor if the need arises.

I was planing to have an update on the 25 days of giving, but I think that I will wait on that.  Yes I have been giving, but it has gone down a different path than what I had originally envisioned.  I will have to share that with you later in more detail.

For now, I am going to sip my tea and slather my neck and chest with the vapo rub.  I'm also going to take this time to relax and read and recuperate.  That is something that I never seem to find the time for!

I hope you are all staying well.  And keep watching for a cool Christmas craft that is coming up later this week!


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